Schweser Practice Exams: Book 1 or Book 2?

I’m a Stalla person, but I want to get a schweser practice exam book to go through as well. on the Schweser site they have Volume 1 (which looks like is the one that comes with the study guides), and Volume 2 (which was written by the JKE Review guys). Do you have a recommendation for which one I should get? Thanks

Nobody has taken tests from both of these books?

Thanks for all your help guys. Can’t say how much I appreciate it.

I would help if I could, but I haven’t taken exams from either book yet (and may not).

Book 7 is different this year - seems more in line with the actual test to me.

i’ve only taken volume 1 tests so far. in the past, volume 1 has been closer in difficulty to the real thing than volume 2. can’t say much for this year until i take some book 2 exams.

jpm351 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Book 7 is different this year - seems more in line > with the actual test to me. good news. i was thinking that because i was seeing better scores this year.

Book 1 seems a little on the easy side to me (see thread about everybody killing book 6). Haven’t taken book 7 yet, but my *guess* is that’s closer to the real thing.

I have taken 3 of the 6 half tests from Book 1 and 2 from Book 2… Book 2 is not actually like the book 7 from last year…I have done better on the Book 2…if you had to choose one I would go with the Volume 2…Volume 2 has 3/4 of the actual 2006 exam with explainations…so that is an added bonus in my opinion

FYI, those 2006 CFA test questions are in the CFAI books too. That may factor into your decision.

Any Lvl II repeaters who can shed some light on which of Schweser exam books is closer to real thing? Which one is regarded as being the more difficult one?

I took book 7 am and thought it was too difficult. More difficult than BSAS or any of the book 6, and much harder than the 2006 CFA exam. I’m surprised others think it’s easier than book 7 of last year. It seems right on par with it to me…

smarshy, i agree. i got a 65. i was seeing all these 80’s so i thought it would be easier. not so. that competitive strategy section killed me. i still think they are useful for practice though.

Anyone taken some more exams and have thoughts on which one is better to use?? Scwheser Book 7 (Vol 2) versus Book 6 (Vol 1) Think I’m only going to have time to look at one or the other…