Schweser Practice Exams book.

Hi guys, I heard of a book call Practice Exams book by Shweser. It contains 3 full sets (AM + PM) of exams and explanations. I have a couple of questions, hope you guys can enlighten me: - Is this book what you guys called “book 7”? - Is it more similar to the actual exam (heard book 6 is much harder and more quantitative)? Thank you.

Yeah, It is also called Book 7. I have no idea whether it is similar to the actual exam. I am hoping that someone could answer this question as well.

if you are scheduled to take it on dec. 1 then book 7 is a waste of your time. i would focus on book 6, CFAI samples, and review.

I did some book 7 exam questions. The reason is because it entails a lot of 2-column type question and from a post I read awhile back, there will be plenty of those types of questions on the exam.