Schweser Practice Exams CFA Level 2

Level 2 - What is the average percentage you guys are scoring in schweser practice exams volume 1 & 2 ??

min 74 max 88 with negative skewness.

CFA mock are a little harder

oh thats a pretty good score i guess ! I end up getting 65%-70% with negative skewness

Plan to take the CFA Institute 40$ Mock exam next week…hope to score better there…

65-70 is good but if you can push it to 67 - 75 you would be in a very good position.

i never heard of the 40$ CFAi mock exam? you get get this on the website of the CFAi? do you have a link?


Exactly…trying hard to get there.

yes ! you do have it on the cfa institute website.

Post Login click on the link - Click on sample exams - You are directed to a new “Testrac” website.

I believe the $40 pays for a smaller sample exam, not a full mock. That’s what I recall from the level 1 version.

Taken directly from the CFA Institute website.

Sample exams - all levels

  • Fee: US$40 per exam; two versions available
  • After both versions have been taken, the fee is US$20 to retake an exam
  • Available online, to enrolled candidates only
  • Timed: 120 minutes per exam
  • Reflect the current curriculum and the format of the actual exam
  • Similar level of difficulty and weight per topic as on the actual exam
  • Immediate feedback
  • Actual questions from past exams included

Level II Sample Exams

when I enter my Candidate ID and last name, there is no PIN and ID showing up… does anyone have the same problem?

i have a special caracter in my last name the letter é

this is very annoying.

but how’s your kurtosis?

pretty much normal but since my sample has only 8 observations it can vary alot.

I just completed the Schweser practice exams volume 1 as of this afternoon. I scored 82, 85, 88, 88, 88, 82 on each respective half in that order. Average 85.5, Std Dev. 2.69. Low kurtosis, ever so slight negative skew?

The questions I got wrong are usually due to lack of knowledge. Sometimes it is because I am confused by the wording, or flustered by all the information, so I misunderstand/misread the question or the vignette.

Edit: I realized I should use Standard Error, since I’m measuring the sample standard deviation instead of the population’s.

those are gretzky-like numbers, wayne. i bet you score over 90 on vol. 2, exam 1 AM. score 82 on that one, but was averaging around 75 up to that point.

at this point though wayne, your scores don’t matter anymore. passing is inevitable. congratulations.

I don’t think I’m going to fail based on lack of aptitude. If I fail it’ll be because I get diarrhea and spend 40 minutes in the bathroom, or get a migraine, or get ADD over all the distractions, or get into a car accident and show up late with some minor cuts and bruising, or my car fails and I have to call a cab, or flip out and have a panic attack (which would be a first), or crack under the anxiety/nervousness (which would be a first as well). Those are the things I’m trying to create a buffer against by pushing my expected scores up as much as possible. Paranoid much? Yes. It’s just that I really want to be taking level 3 next year; it’s such an important part of my plans. So I feel as though I have a huge amount riding on passing this year.

I have the same problem but I wrote it down to not having actually paid for that mock. Anyway I decided against taking it, will take more of the Schweser mocks instead (them being geared toward also explaining why you chose the wrong answer)

you can e-mail the CFA they answered me after 1 day with my pin/id

Tried CFAI MOCK 2012 AM - 67%

Screwed up badly. Will be doing the PM tomorrow ! Morning session has disastrous question. Some concepts/types really new. Especially FRA and portfolio.

67% isn’t screwing up all that badly rishi. That very well might be a passing score or very close to one.

I started off really well with 6/6 in ethics, 6/6 in CF ! Last to vignettes were the worst ones x-(

It better be the passing score…being “close to one” wouldn’t be good enough. Did you take it up as well ?

I’ve taken 3 full mocks. Scores have ranged from 64% to 73%. Just need to keep working!