Schweser Practice Exams Change

Do the schweser practice exams change much from year to year? Can I expect significant changes to the 2010 practice exam question or is likely to be a rehash of the 2009 books?


in my humble opinion: the Schweser exams are not very good…in '08 at level 2, i was absolutely getting my a$$ kicked with them. a week before the actual exam, I took the last of of them and got like a 50-something…almost had a heart attack, but passed the real exam a week later. This year at L3 was similar…except I failed - 9th band. not sure if there’s advice in here, just sharing my 2 cents.

Do not use the exams as diagnostics, but rather as study tools where you look up answers when you have no clue, while taking the exam–You gain absolutely nothing positive from guessing or writing BS on a PRACTICE exam. The exams are great for providing discipline and exposing weak areas. I don’t bother timing or really even scoring in a traditional sense. A right answer to something you guessed doesn’t mean you know that topic–only on the real thing it does :wink: There’s something that happens in the brain which makes you remember something more when you are being questioned about it–simply reviewing the notes another time is not as impactful to your memory.

Thanks for your comments guys. I’m just wondering whether to buy the new 2010 exams or buy the old 2009 exams off a friend who did it this year for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t like schweser level 3 practice exams. The essay questions are clearly put together from a hodgepodge of unrelated stuff… Quality is not nearly as good as the Level 2 or Level 1. Fortunately there are so many real CFAI essay exams for you to tackle on.

I liked Schweser’s summary of the previous CFAI essay questions though (see Book 2). That was a bit helpful. Generally I like their exam Book 2 vs. Book 1 as they use previous actual CFAI material for that.

Buy the old Schweser-exams (to save money), but REMEMBER to do the real essay-exams (that’s what’s really important!).