Schweser Practice exams explanatory answers

Hi, Could someone pls help me - I need the explanatory answers to the all the Schweser practice exams - Vol I and Vol II - I have the question books, something seems to be wrong with my login and I cant wait for it to be rectified. I think the explanatory answers are only available online. Could someone pls pls send across the six explanatory answer files to my email id - Im lost without it. Thanks so much in advance.

I am having the same problem… any Sheweser user who has all the explanation for Book 6 exam questions and can spare few mins…can please email me at Thank you very much

if anyone can forward me these as well, it would be greatly appreciated!

what seems to be the problem with your login? i had the same problem several weeks ago, try clearing the cookies and history in your browser and see if u can log in. worked for me…

yeah that sorted out my problem with the schweser site too. annoying i know