Schweser Practice Exams Vol 2

Does anyone use this? I have it, but a brief look at some of the questions made me wonder wehtehr the volume 2 exams are considerably harder than the Vol 1 exams? This is what I remember it being like in Level 1.

I haven’t yet but I will use them this year. I didn’t use them for level 1.

not really worth it…stick to EOC in text. the questions are broader then B6, not harder per say, but just make you work harder to find the info. good review tool…

no need. Vol 2 is a little too hard and quite different ways from the real exam. should complete CFAI exams, and vol1, and also sample exams would help.

kingstongal, if you’re in kingston, ON and want to set up a review session, I would be interested.