Schweser Practice Exams - Volume 1 vs. Volume 2

Anyone taken all 6 Practice Exams yet. I’m just about to start and was wondering which book was the easier of the two, or maybe they are at the same difficulty level. I’d like to start with the easier and work my way up, bumping all these things off over the next two weeks. Thanks in advance.

I did a few out of volume 2 and 1 out of volume 1. From what I can tell volume 2 is more difficult, but the difference isn’t as obvious as it was at level 1 or 2.

Thanks cfasf1. That’s what I was looking for because I did remember there being distinct differences in difficulty levels between the two exam books at L1 and L2.

I am a retaker. last year i did not have chance to do to Volume 1 or 2. This year i did most of the 2008 Volume 1-2 and ordered 2009 Volume 1 to supplement my study. Bump! I just got the same old questions. Before I placed my order I even checked with their customer service and they told me 2009 Volumes have all new and different questions! Anyway, Big Babbu, in terms of difficulty, they are almost same but I found Volume 1 more representative of the actual exam, so i would recommend to start with volume 2