Schweser Practice Exams Volume 2

I just finished the exam 1 and only got 72%. I felt it was much harder and longer than Volume 1. How did you guys do? I got really bored after finishing up accounting…

Volume 2 of the Schweser exam is nuts. If you can score 72% in that you will pass the real thing. Just don’t slack for the next two weeks. Best of luck.

Agreed. They are pretty tough! Scored in the high 60’s for exam 1. I’m having trouble finishing the am and pm sessions within 3 hours though. I ran 10mins over in the am and about 20min over in the pm. Is anyone else having similar problems?

I just finished the morning session of Exam 2 volume 1and it is definitely longer than book 1. I don’t think the questions are tougher but I do think the readings and and calculations use more time. I went over by 14 mins but I did manage to score 83% (100/120) but without the 14 mins I would have scored 75%. I do hope that the schweser test are indicative of the real thing because I’ve been averaging about 80% on all the tests.

For questions no. 228, I think the answer is wrong. I answered B, but it was incorrect. However, I still think it’s B.

You’re right dhyun3. The answer is B. I did the same.

Just finished Vol 2 Exams 3 Afternoon paper today. Its the hardest 120 questions I have attempted so far. Although I scored 78%, almost 3/4 of the questions I am not 100% confident. Go try it!

Just finished Exam 1 - 75%