Schweser Practice Exams vs CFA Mock/Actual

I did the first Kaplan exam in volume 2 and I thought it was garbage compared the cfa mocks and actuals.

Besides the ethics questions in the afternoon I don’t think the rest of the exam is representative of what we will see Saturday. The cfa mocks seem to be a lot more straightforward where Kaplan seemed to try to trick you, I didn’t use any Kaplan materials in my prep so maybe I am just not familiar with their style but I thought the exam wasn’t a great use of time.

I have 2 more I can do but at this point I am just going to go back through the past cfa exams and their mock exams to make sure I know how to get the answer to each of those questions.

Anyone else feel similar about the schweser practice exams?

Yeah its a bit late now, but Schweser is more educational than representative.

Cfa Mocks are more representative but not very educational.