Schweser Practice Exams vs. the real thing

Hi, For those of you that are repeating Level 2 this year, are the Schweser practice exams easier or harder compared to the acutal Level 2 exam? If I remember correctly, for Level 1, I thought the Schweser exams were a lot harder than the actual Level 1 exam. I hope this is the same for Level 2. Any idea? Thanks!

± 10%

I was told exam is much easier than the harder questions … although aren’t some of schweser’s questions from exams or maybe not (i notice on the case studies that schweser goes to great lengths to make them different from CFA’s. tells me there are copyright issues)

Schweser is more numericals and original exam in conceptual.

Thanks for the info! Good luck to all!

Schweswer’s Cases are longer than actual exam but questions are more understandable and not as ambiguous as CFAI actual exam.

I definitely I agree that level 1 exam was much easier than that the Schweser practice exams, especially the AM portion.

I second the notion that Level 1 Exam was easier than Schweser practice exams. I think if you can hit around 70% on Schweser practice exams then you are good to go.

the actual exam was objectively easier. the pass rate was low due to the PM section book 7 is a quantum leap above the actual exam. i’m doing it now and i think it’s a waste of time- there’s no way it’ll be book 7

I do hear people saying book 7 this year is much more reasonable from another thread

i don’t really remember last year’s book 7 but i’m definitely scoring much better. however it’s because i’m studying for this stupid thing for the 2nd time