Schweser Practice exams

ive heard rumors that this years practice exams (volume 1 and 2) are the EXACT SAME as last year (word for word), vertabim. can someone confirm this? thanks

haven’t looked- i could tell you around may when i start taking them. i actually didn’t do any book 7 tests last year… I probably should do some this year then. that does kind of stink to not get any new materials if that is true, but at the same time, book 6 tests the core topics pretty well and not much at all has changed year over year. this almost gives us repeaters no excuses then- i will aim to hit an 80 not 70 on book 6! i’m in fixed income now- SS14 exactly the same except there’s one new reading, 3 little easy LOS’s about subprime mortgages, the big mess in '07, liquidity crisis, etc. no calcs, very straightforward. i think FI has to be one of the easier topics on this test. i don’t do much FI at all for my job, but this stuff just seems to be easy for me to understand. i hope i don’t now jinx myself come test day. lunchtime soon then i’ll do me some binomial trees and wrap up SS14 today.

banni, I am surprised to see you find FI easy. I just finshed reding MBS and ABS structurse in SS15 and I am totally confused. Its hard to retain the differences…especially since I have no practical experience of working for FI securities.

nimz, what do you find confusing about MBS and ABS? I have some practical experience of ABS so might be able to shed some light? (MBS is a type of ABS, with mortgages being the asset backing the securities)