Schweser Practice Exams

If you have taken Schweser Practice Exams, can you share how you are doing on them? I took Vol 1, Exam 1 AM & PM. Scored 64% on AM and 73% on PM. I did not take them in the same day. I had few days after AM test to review weak areas before PM Session. My weakest area so far has been ethics, scored just 58% on PM session. Thx.

Haven’t taken one yet, but plan to complete my first on May 6th… 64% and 73% on your first two is pretty darn solid…

I was getting in the 50s in most sections so I’m sure I’d be around that mark overall. I hope I’m gonna improve on that drastically once I go through the stuff again.

I used these for the Dec exam and passed. the first few exams i didn’t get out of the 60’s and even toward the back half of the first book I only hit 80 once one half test. (I think the first test I took level one AM, first test I got like 45% on). Sounds like you are on track, keep up the good work. Don’t worry about the ethics, just keep re-reading it and don’t skip the GIPS section. Know those details, you might thank yourself for that. In general i found those practice tests very comparable to the real test if not actually slightly harder. I did not touch the second book of tests though.

Thanks for the advice Infinitesun. I am extra motivated to keep on reading Ethics and doing ethics qbanks until I improve on it.

ethics is the key. I was a band 10 fail and know that If i would have passed the ethics section, I would have passed the exam for sure due to the ethics adjustment. dont ask me what it is, read about the ethics adjsutment on the CFA site

I havent started solving practice exams ,but i am planning to have the last 7 days (off work ) for solving 6 3hrs and 1 6 hr exam as ,is this plan appropriate …

I just did vol 1 exam 1 and got 72%. Surprisingly relieved but I think it might be the subjects that so happened to get tested. I guess we will find out, when I do the PM session (definitely not tonight.)

Great start SarahBoston. Good luck on PM session. parac0da, taking that many exams in within 7 days might be exhausting IMHO. I also plan to take 7 days off but plan to do 3 to 4 3-hr exams, plus lots of reviews.

Ahh thanks! I did hear that PM was a lot more challenging than the AM… At least its a start? Blah. Still pretty nervous though… Definitely need to pace myself and work on weak areas etc., etc. I plan on spending a LOT of time reviewing ALL questions I got wrong and those that I felt like I had to “guess”. good times ahead.