schweser practice exams

… are they suppose to be tougher than actual exam? definitely harder than the Qbank… hitting 80% on Qbank (all difficulty levels in the exams) and just below 70% on my first Schweser practice test. thoughts?

Schweser practice exams Volume 2 is definitely harder than the actual exam. Volume 1 might be at par. However, Schweser practice exams and the QBank in general have more questions that require calculations. Actual exam questions tend to be more conceptual, which I dont think the Schweser QBank or practice exams prepare you for. Starbuck: Go over your exam and list the number of careless mistakes you made and the number of questions you got wrong because you couldnt recall the formula correctly/

thanks beatthecfa, i went through and can see there are a couple of clear parts that i need to go over - mostly in FSA and Econ. I will re-watch those Schweser videos.