Schweser Practice Exams

are they worth the $150 each? i’m thinking about buying at least vol 1, however havent been happy with Qbank. anyone have them? are they decent?

Like every practice exam I have taken, some seem fair, some a bit off. Overall, I think they are pretty good. One thing that bothers me so far, is that the past 5 years of actual exams have had return requirement calcs. Yet the practice exams generally don’t. Come on practice exam writers, if there is one thing we can bet on, it is there is going to be a required return calc. We want more practice on those.

Considering what else is out there, it’s well worth the price. There aren’t that many options.

yeah i’m seeing that now - i really need some practice on the essay questions - maybe i’ll just buy vol1 & not vol 2. The price charged for these things is highway robbery, considering they only make slight tweaks over last year for the slight change in curriculum

thought they were easier for L3 compared to L2 ones but still worth getting if you havent already.

Book 2 is beyond terrible. I have done two of the afternoon tests in the last couple of days and the answers are nit picky BS. In exam 1 there were 3 questions where the answer literally contradicts itself “This was right but there is another strategy that is better.” and one answer that used the prior to CFA errata definition of interest rate options. In exam 2 there are 3 answers that either contradict the CFA texts or contradict their own texts. I will probably skip the other exams in book two as I don’t want to lose knowledge by remembering their answers that aren’t correct.

they get a bit lazy too…like the essay questions start to just ask you to expalin and define random topics. Like they went to the glossary and pulled some phrases/topics and added “define”. Ehh.

Book 1 was alright, but I agree with Paraguay- exam 1 PM in book two was a bad exam

Book 1 2010 is Book 2 2011 and vice versa with some adjustments