Schweser Practice Exams

I am in the last leg of preparing for the dec exam and now I have been primarily focused on taking the Schweser practice exams and doing the end of chapter problems from the CFAI books.

My question is - how should I be scoring on the Schweser tests and the CFA mock exams in order to feel confident going into the real thing?

Thanks for your input and good luck to everyone getting ready!

I think scoring consistently around 80 should make you feel in pretty good shape. That being said, nothing wrong with consistently 70 and above, but it will just increase the possibility that your mean score’s standard deviations will take you outside the required range on test day.

I would aim for 70%+ in every category and then improve from there. remember that CFA scores are graded in buckets like greater than 70%. I would focus on getting all areas above 70 and then focusing on the heavy weighted areas to increase that score further.