Schweser Practice Exams

I’ve done the first two Schweser practice exams and my marks were as follows:

Exam 1 AM: 83%

Exam 1 PM: 82%

Exam 2 AM: 80%

Exam 2 PM: 87%

Are these exams a good indicator of how I’ll perform on the actual test? I’m starting to hit a wall with studying and am wondering how I can best utilize these last 10 or so days without driving myself insane. Should I just continue doing the Schweser practice exams or do you guys have any other recommendations?

Hi SwaggyMcMuffin,

I think with those scores, you are in very good standing. IMO, Schwesar exams are much more difficult compared to the CFAI mocks. I would suggest trying out CFAI mocks as their question formats are very different. Do you mind sharing what you did prior to achieving those scores (i.e. what you practiced/read before question drilling)?

I’m curious and would like to see if I can somehow improve my own Schwesar scores.

cfai mocks/exams + EOC + qbank

  • review secret sauce if you have it

To be honest, I just finished 4th year in an undergraduate commerce program and the bulk of my courses were finance/accounting. I started studying after my finals in April, because 90% of the CFA level 1 material I’ve seen at some point during my 4 years.

I used the Schweser guide books and went through them all, doing the problems in the books and making hand written reference notes covering most of the core concepts and anything I wasn’t familiar with. I started doing the practice exams last week.