Schweser Practice Test 1

In the morning session of the test I was not feeling comfortable at all and didn’t even feel like completing the test. Afternoon test was Okay but not easy as breeze. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with the test, I think the real one is going to be more intense than this one. I was feeling as if I am going to score somewhere in low 50s but ended up scoring 67% in both the session. And the best part is that first test I could complete in less than 2 hours and second one in 2.5 hrs. How was your experience with this mock? Can you put down your scores just to have a comparison how is everyone doing.

I took that one a couple wks ago and got 62/70 on the two sessions. I took Exam 2 in the first volume the next week and got a 70/52, not sure what happened there.

First one was definitely pretty hard and which is reflected in your score as well, so no worries I guess.

yeah, feel free to keep posting other scores as you take more of the schwesers

just took the mock 2010…got a 68/60…hopefully the next ppr ill manage atleast a 70 in both the pprs…

All the best…

Schweser mock Exam II. 67% in the morning exam and 75% in the afternoon one.

Schwesser Morning Test 1 score 77 percent and Score 80 on the afternoon

Schweser Exam 1

AM: 60%

PM: 67%