Schweser Practice Test Book 1 v. Book 2

I’ve heard in past years that practice test book #2 (book 7 of 7) is significantly more difficult than practice test book #1 (book 6 of 7). I’ve also heard that, for this reason, it may not be worth the time to complete the tests in practice test book #2 because it’s discouraging. Anybody have any experience to back this up or is it a rumor?

Sounds dumb to avoid hard exams just because they may be discouraging. When you get hard questions on the real exam are you just going to skip them? No.

If what you say about book 7/7 is true then that can only help you study and learn the material better. I’d rather get okay scores on hard mock exams and then crush the real thing than get crushed by it.

I fully agree, it was more a question out of curiosity than anything else. I’ve already taken one of the three tests in that book and intend to take the other two in the weeks following the CFAI mock tomorrow.

So, is the second book more difficult?

My best score so far on my four practice tests was on my third (Test #3 in Book #2). I can’t really say - I’d like to think it is!

I have taken 4 practice exams, the 3 in volume 1 and the first exam in volume 2. my best score was the exam in volume 2. i did not notice increased difficulty, i just found myself knowing a lot more at this point than when i took the first practice exam in volume 1.

Volume 2 was much harder, almost to the point of being useless.