Schweser Practice Test Book 2

I did the first test WTF… Is the rest of the book even worth doing? Like some of these questions were not even close to whats on the three past Mocks.

Weird topics. I stll managed to squeek out a low 70%. Some of the weird ass sections were balanced out by easy ass sections.

Lowest PM score yet, Vol 2 PM 3, at 65%. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yeah I also got a 65% on the Vol 2 PM 3 test. Was scoring fairly well prior to this, definitely took a hit on my confidence a bit. I’m going to chalk it up to it just being a hard test and hope that the questions/topics on the real test are a bit more evenly distributed…

Historically book 2 has always been extremely difficult and ambiguous. Nothing wrong in doing it though.

Right there with you. Skipped the 1st AM test because of what people on here had been saying about it.

I might take a stab at the 3rd test today or tomorrow. I’m about due for an “Oh sh**, I’m going to fail this test” moment…

I had my Oh Sh** moment doing the 1st PM test of volume 2 yesterday. Brutal.

That would be me on the 2nd test of volume two. Scored three low 70’s on the preceding tests and dropped to a 64%. Let’s just say that there was some cursing.

Glad I’m done with Volume 2. That hurt my confidence. Let’s see how the CFAi mocks go. I do appreciate the explains for the questions that Schweser has tho.

I think you need to look at a few of the questions in context. For example, Book 2 Test 1 PM, they ask a question about flat and heavy vs flat and light regiemes. I missed it, but I’m zero percent worried about that showing up on the exam. Same with a GIPS question - they stated that real estate portfolios needed to be valued at least annually by a 3rd party, but (question spoiler alert) the statemetn was deemed “incorrect” because although RE portfolios ARE required to valued at least annually by a third party, this requirement can be waived by the client, and because the statement maker failed to note the existence of the exception, the statement was incorrect. I don’t blame Schweser for asking questions in that level of detail, but I’m again not worried about CFAI doing so. And again, you don’t need to ace the exam. I fully expect to see a couple question on the actual exam where I say “I have no f’n clue” - but I’m trying to be ready not to stress about that.

Did anyone get to exam 3 book 2? I mean the questions are just out to lunch