Schweser Practice Tests AM/PM


I was just curious to see if anyone thought that the schweser practice tests were actually representantive of the level III exam? While I thought the level of difficulty was usually slightly lower than the actual exam for LI & LII, they did a good job prepping me for the test.

Does anyone know if the short, bullet point type format answers that Schweser gives in the AM section would be acceptable on the actual exam?


I feel the exams are pretty solid compared to your other options. They were definitely helpful to me. I think the answers are probably sufficient, but the description they give that is more detailed after the bullet point answers is what is most useful. To be safe I would give an answer with detail somewhere between the bullets and the detailed description.

The past years morning mocks will show you exactly what you needed to say. Use those as your guildeline, use Schweser just for more questions.

How are the schweser prac exams in terms of difficulty for the morning essay section ?

Thanks Mark.