Schweser Practise Exam Representation - Tricks/Ambiguity


Is it me or do others also believe that the large amount of questions found in Schweser practise exams are just trying to trick you into choosing the incorrect answer.

I found that the actual Level 1 exam was much more fair and found that the Schweser exams weren’t representative of the actual exam at all. The only thing they are good for is drilling in concepts but the probability of seeing so many calculations and ambiguity is very low in the actual exam. I’ll probably switch to past CFA mocks for preparation.

One more thing I noticed with Schweser exams was that if they test one concept in an item set, they often revist the same concept in another item set. So if you got it wrong once you will probably get it wrong twice. So frustrating

I took the CFAI mock and the schewser mock, and my perception was the schweser mock was more vaguely worded and I ended up missing some questions because of that. Concepts I felt pretty good on during the CFAI mock I felt like I had no idea wtf I was doing during the schweser mock.

And yes there were some questions that used as an input an output from a previous question. As I recall, the actual exam doesn’t do this.