Schweser Practise exams vs cfai eoc

I m falling short of time so m confused between doing either cfai eoc or doin more schweser practise exams . I m planning to do cfai eoc and do max 1 schwesrr practise exam due to shortage of time. whether my strategy to compromise schweser practise exms for cfai eoc will suffice ? ( Reading sylabus from schweser )

personally, I think you definitely need to do the EOCs and BBs in the CFAI material. There are a lot of concepts there not covered, or covered differently under Schweser.

Does anyone else find the CFAI EOC questions a lot easier than the Schweser mocks?

yes and no…

yes the schweser mocks are challenging but i feel they focus more on the minutiae while the cfa eoc questions focus more on the core concepts which chances are will be more likely be tested on.

The case studies in the cfa eoc are longer which will mimick the exam (2-3 pages) while schweser is 1 page tops. This makes a huge difference in a timed setting, the added filler included ect.

Im going back now and redoing all the eoc questions for the heavily weighted sections then plan on going through the schweser/elan mocks and end with the cfa mock. best of luck