schweser pratcice V1 second exam

there is one question saying invest the country outside the latin america(benchmark index) can earn alpha, why?

you have to be more specific with your question

What i can think of is there are six sources of excess return in international bond investing - MCS - DIC (see thread "Acronyms"

one of them is Investing outside the relevant becnhmark

I’m working from home tomorrow and only have exam book 2 available so I’ll take it tomorrow. If somebody hasn’t already answered your question I’ll make an attempt tomorrow after I take the exam. Amazing how this is a global exam and we’re all in this together. As an American, it’s cool as sh*t…and crazy to believe that we’re now by far the minority in taking this exam.

Because of the change, I pull for my Asian and European brothers taking this mo-fo than I do for the people I work with who took it in the early/mid 1990’s who say L3 is a joke/easy. Eff them. I hope I can help - but hopefully that it’s the final year I “have” to help. I’d rather it be more optional.

I’m so tired of hearing Level 3 is the easy level from people I work with. They don’t even understand WTF a RVPI multiple is, let alone currency translationl Arghh!!! CFA used to be so easy. Incredibly easy compared today - like night and day.

Even better - WTF is GIPS - I’ve never heard of it, quote from ALL CFA Charterholders I work with (excess of 20 who have passed prior to 2000). WTF is the equity method? What is RVPI? What is the residual income method? On and on and on…

But then I hear that L3 is “easy” from the same people. Errrr…