Schweser Premier Package CFA LII 2011

Hello, I have bought Schweser Premium Package for about 1,300.00 USD. That includes note books, formula sheet, 2 practice exam books, flash cards, online lectures (every tuesday night, all lectures are archived so you can go back and watch from the beginnig), + online schweser library + online question bank with around 5,000 questions. (you can make tests based on topic, time, etc.) I am not going to take the test in 2011 due to family issues. However, i do not want this purchase to go to waste. I can give you my id and password for Schweser online access and mail the hard copy materials. Please write to with your offers. Thanks!

I already have all that, but I wish things workout with your family issues and you end up doing it. Good luck

Thank you! I will definitely do it… but probably next year at this rate. Good Luck to all of you who is taking it in June!