Schweser Premium Solution... Option to choose

Please help me what is the best option to choose in the Schweser Premium Solution package: Weekly online Program or Multiweekend Online Program or Video CD or 3 Day Seminar I have previously read in AF about Schweser Video CD and there were not much good reviews about it. I have heard Stalla video CDs are good but I am going for the Schweser package overall. I have limited budget and want to know the best option. I wanted to order the material soon please help me to decide for the best option.

Bills… I’d recommend the weekly online program. The weekend program and 3 day seminar (there’s not much difference between the two) are just too short and intense. The weekly class gives you a pace and makes you feel like you are part of a group – those are important motivational tools to help you stay focused on your goal (passing Level II, of course!). I never met anyone else in my weekly online classes last year, but I felt like I needed to sign on every week and listen anyway. The only advantage of the video CDs seems to be that you can watch whenever you like. However, you can actually watch any of the weekly online seminars via streaming video from the Schweser archive after the fact as well (and you can watch them sped up too, which can be helpful for material you know already).

I’m also wondering if I should get Weekly online Program or the CDs. Going towards the online though.

Is the material same for CDs and Online? If yes then I would prefer the flexibility of CDs. However only problem in the CDs are the instruction just read through material.

The CDs suck. See any of the numerous posts about them already for details, but they really, really suck.

I agree that the CDs suck and thats why wondering if online is the same as CDs and go for the three day weekend program archive. But as Plyon said the weekend program is too short. I am kind of confuse now…

All of these topics have been touched on numerous times in numerous threads. The CDs suck, the three-day seminar is all right depending on when you choose to do it - search the forum for Schweser and make your own decisions.