Schweser PremiumPlus™ Package?

I cannot decide which prep package to buy, they all seem pretty expensive and I am sure that with dedication any of them will do the job for passing the exam. I am looking to go with the Schweser package but don’t know which one to pick. Should I go with the complete package for $1399 or is one of the less expensive options enough? I would be grateful for your feedback on this.

I think if you work hard on it,Just the Study Notes 0~5 will be enough

Study Notes 1-5 will suffice but I’d recommend the Scweser Video series. The 16CD set. If you are working and find it hard to manage time, the Video Series will be good. Trust me.

Dont waste your money on Schweser. It is definately wiser to buy Elans Ultimate Package. It’s better and much cheaper.

Bluntz, noticed you posted “industrial engineering” as your background. If you work full time and don’t have a financial background to start with (such as a BSc in business administration, finance or economics) you might want to consider a package which includes teaching and mock exams.

I would recommend Schweser Video. They are just amazing.

Hi guys, Thanks for your responses. I will go with the Schweser, I don’t want to waste further time searhing for the best product. My educational background is Industrial Engineering and I work full time for an insurance company as a BPM Consultant, also my wife is due with our second child in end of November. This really makes me nervous because I don’t want to fail this exam and time management and focus will be critical for my progress. I did some finance work in Uni, a few credits in accounting and mathematical finance but that was a long time ago and to be honest I haven’t used much finance or maths since leaving school 8 years ago at most excel vba coding for automation purposes and some elementary maths for calculations. Based on this what other packages do you recommend that would give the foundation required? Thanks in advance

I think you should consider the online classes, the video I’m sure works fine too, but they’ll not help in keeping you on schedule. The good thing about classes is that you’ll only concentrate on the upcoming week and don’t have to worry about the big picture just as long as you keep the schedule. With the videos you might be tempted to procrastinate. The online classes are good since they’re also recorded so you can view them in the archives afterwards. If you want to prepare before the teaching start, you might do so by reading up on accounting and download the ethics chapters from CFA Institute’s web page. I found the audio files helpful for Level I but not the flashcards. Did use the QBank a lot, but even more so those Schweser mock exams that are sold separately (the additional ones beyond those included in the package, did a lot of practice problem solving before the test).