Schweser Price Drop

From what I can tell the price of the Schweser materials drops the closer to the test date it gets. Can anyone verify this?

I am not sure on this?

makes sense.

wow, I’m not sure, that would be great news, I want the question bank, but 300 dollars is way too ridiculous of a price to pay! does anybody know by when the price should drop?

1 day before the exam???

lol, but you have to factor in the probability of failing the exam and paying for: - next year’s CFA exam - next year’s Schweser materials Will probably swamp the price drop.

agree with the above… does it matter if they started giving it away for free the day before the exam?

of course CFA institute helps by making sure there is at least some significant change between 1 year’s material and the next, either by reducing the number of possible answers, introducing new readings etc. also the study providers themselves retire the QBank kind of offerings once the new year rolls around. typically I don’t think even a price drop or giving it for free is going to cause folks to swamp the marketing / sales dept and buy a previous year’s material. That was the basis for saying the above (“1 day before the exam”).