Schweser Pro 2009

Hi , Whats the difficulty level of questions in Schweser Pro 2009 in comparison to actual FRM questions. Regards, Gaurav

I did , section wise (foundations , quant ,fin markets and products) test and i found far far easier than the FRM questions even though I checked ‘advanced’ questions in the test criteria, but I havent taken full length test

Agree with factor hedge. The test questions seem too easy, they will give a false sence of confidence…

so what is a good source for practice question then ?

The questions at the end of the Schweser books (old FRM exams) will be a better representation.

There is no way to really tell. The FRM exam’s focus can change a lot from year to year. The actual FRM question rarly have much depth…but who knows what is going to be on it this year.

Does anyone know if the GARP practice exam is a good indication of the actual exam? I mean in the sense of difficulty of question and the topics covered. E.g. is it likely that the formulas you see on practice exam coming back in actual. Or is there no correlation?