Schweser Pro on Vista

I have installed the Schweser Pro QBank CD on windows vista and the application runs awfully slowly. Like a 15 second wait to move from one question to the other. I am not sure if its the application or the something to do with Vista. Anybody else having the same issue with the CD. Is it running fine for people who have XP other OSs?

I had Schweser Pro Level I QBank on XP last year and I didn’t have any trouble at all with the application. Why not contact Schweser’s technical support and ask about whether there are any particular problems in connection to Vista, explain your problem, and ask whether you can switch to their on-line version of QBank (which you run through an Internet browser)? If an on-line version works for you that is, it makes you not depend on one computer, you may run it from any computer with Internet access. I threw in a search phrase into Google, and out came an article called “Re: Slow performance on Vista when executing sql from an application running on Vista!! Who do i sue?” on Microsoft Tech Net. > “IF she runs the query “SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER WHERE > dateadd(dd,0, datediff(dd,0,Lastupdated))>‘20070101’ ORDER > BY [CustomerID]” using our application from the XP machine it > takes a few seconds - 3 to 6 seconds. If, instead, she runs the > same query from the Vista machine it takes more than 5 minutes!! > This problem happens on every Vista machine.” Source: There are also numerous other page hits on ‘Vista running slow’. I wouldn’t rule it out that there is some sort of database underlying QBank, and that this is something that requires you to update drivers or reinstall something or whatever. In my view, the best option seems to be to contact the Schweser team for a technical solution AND/OR a practical solution (=switching to the on-line version).

I have Vista and fortunatly I have had no issues.

Of course, you can just bag the whole thing, “downgrade” to XP, or move to Leopard. Both are way better than that dog Vista (what were they thinking?)

I logged into Schweser’s site and at least for their online program they state “Windows XP Family (Home Edition, Professional Edition, or Media Center Edition), Windows 2000”. Vista is not on that list, but I wouldn’t know what the requirements are for QBank. In the shop it just says “Windows-based computer”.

From Schweser website: System Requirements *Operating System *Processor *RAM *Windows Vista, Windows XP (with Service Pack 2), or Windows 2000 *At least 500Mhz Intel Pentium/Celeron Family or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron Family or compatible *256 MB RAM So it *should* be fine on Vista - sounds more likely that unless you computer has 16TB of RAM, it will be slow whatever you run on Vista… More vendor lock-in - although I can confirm that the online version of Qbank works fine in Firefox/Opera on Ubuntu…

I sent an e-mail to Schweser. Hopefully they can help. I guess I should have opted for the online version. I like to study at the library where free wireless internet is available but the speed varies so much that one day you could watch full length streaming movies and the next day can’t even open And what was i thinking when I thought that i could install something successfully on vista other than a MS product.

oldmonk, I had a problem with their videos on Vista. Instead of running direct from the CDs, I installed the player to a flash drive (usb) and ran the program from it. The same workaround should work for SchweserPro. It has something to do with the pop up box that Schweser uses.

With Vista I think it depends on whether you just installed it on your old machine, or if you got a new machine with Vista out of the box. I think you need something like 1GB of RAM for it to run properly. I’m so not installing Vista for at least another year or so.

Why would anybody install Vista ever? Is there anything good about it?

I had Vista pre-installed on my laptop and I decided to give it a go. Hardware is not an issue and I have 2 GB Ram. Vista is more reliable than XP in some respects (barely crashes) but compatilibity with other softwares is a big issue. With Schweser, I think is the SQL queries which are running terribly slowly on Vista. The funniest problem I have Vista is that the machine turns on by itself if left to hibernate. I have disabled every known wake up feature but still the laptop will turn on in the middle of the night every now and then. Also it shuts down unexpectedly when in sleep mode. Did i just say ‘Vista is more reliable than XP?’

I hate vista… i hate it so much i sometimes want to throw my laptop out the window It randomly freezes. I had an excel worksheet with 7 sheets and it recovered only 4 after it suddenly froze up… the best part is Alt + Cntrl + Del …DOES NOT WORK with vista when everything feezes Do NOT upgrade to Vista… in actuality you would be Downgrading from XP