Schweser Probank "Passing Scores"

Hello folks,

This isn’t a thread about what a passing score on the Qbank is. Completely different format from the actual CFA, and based on some threads, not really indicative of the exam for a variety of reasons…I know better than to ask a question in that manner. Rather, I’m curious for those folks who have used Schweser and took the level 2 CFA exam, what their average scores were, and the result(s) of their exam.

The average score feature that shows the rest of the other students’ scores is an awesome feature – for example, it helps me gauge what others also experienced as a relatively easy or difficult topic. I also presume there are many different ways that people use the Qbank - for me, I do not see the answers as I take the quizzes and do not refer to the materials when I take the quiz. I take the Qbank after I finish a reading and complete the EOC questions.

For example, if we were to sample 1,000 candidates, took their average scores during their studies, and subsequently whether they passed or not, we could create a distribution that a certain percentage above the average scores would likely pass, and below that average, would likely fail. Clearly, the average score cannot be a passing score as about 43% pass.