Schweser Products@DISCOUNTED PRICE

Hi All, I have reduced the price of the Premium Package. Everything is in excellent shape. FREE standard shipping within US. Please email me at 1. Option: Schweser Premium Package as a whole (includes Quicksheet and LOS cards besides the items listed below): $329 2. Option: Items to buy separately: - Study Notes Pack: $59 - Video CDs with workbook: $139 - Q-Bank(CD): $89 - Practice Books(1&2): $69 P.S: Do not use my thread to sell your own stuff, please!!! Thanks!

> P.S: Do not use my thread to sell your own stuff, > please!!! > > Thanks! :slight_smile:

After checking the postal rates, I have decided to cancel the free shipping option. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

can u check ur email box plz. what shipping will you charge now within US?

Hi all, I’ve got a jar of old toenails to sell. 1. You can make a necklace out of toenails. 2. You can fertilize your plants with decomposing toenails. 3. You can create a wax replica of yourself and use the toenails as your toenails on your wax replica. Toenail premium package: $29.95 or best offer. P.S. Do not use this thread to sell any other body parts!!!


i wanna sale my schweser videos/qbank…for L1. singapore. price will be 200 SGD… nybody interested…lemme knw Shipping cost will be not be included :slight_smile: cheers abhi

you can put this stuff in a flat rate USPS box and ship it all for $13.00 via USPS. Check your local post office. I’ll be contacting you about buying this stuff