Schweser Q-Bank exams

I’ve a question about the Practice Exams Vol. 1 and 2 that are on Schweser’s online access page. I see there are 3 full exams for each volume. However, there is a warning saying that you can only take the exams once, so I don’t want to open one only to find out that I can’t get back to it later. My question - are these the SAME exams as you find in Books 6 and 7? Or, are they entirely different questions? Thanks

different exams in each book

you just input your answers online and then get detailed responses after you are done (assuming that it is the same as last year). There are not separate exams online.

Which exams are you people talking about? Does the Qbank not have over 4000 questions? And while we are on the subject, any idea if Schweser mock 2 day is better or Stalla?