Schweser q-bank : level of difficulty

how’s everyone been using the q-bank? specifically, are you just creating exams with only “advanced” problems? or are you doing a mix-and-match of basic/intermediate/advanced?

I think I use Qbank to practice on weak areas and just to help me retain information. Been using Qbank for the past 5 months. But to truly test yourself you should stick with the Schweser PRactice Exams and the CFAI mock/samples. Those are much harder than Qbank and are in the “format” of the real test…ie item sets.

i used intermediate questions only and it was a great help to me

been using it for a while now, on only “advanced” questions, but in most cases q-bank is way too easy (specially at this late stage), gives you a false sense of security in my opinion, but its good to review weak areas though.

yes, it really disappointed me! Way too easy. I found out too late Qbank gave me 75-85 Mocks gave me 63-73

thanks for the feedback. yeah, i’ve been using it all along but just mixing it up with basic/int/advanced. and i’ve taken cfai’s mock I/II with 75/78 and sample I/11 with 80/46…ugh. fortunately I’ve read a few people had problems with sample II. it was ugly I’ve hit up book 6 as well with scores in the 70s. looking to tackle cfai’s sample III and the 2006 exam today

q-bank is alright for getting the basics hammered in. it’s not good in isolation though. it’s imperative that you do more difficult item set questions