Schweser Q bank Scores?

Hi, Guys how much are you getting on schweser q bank, I found the q’s too theoretical in nature… Is it worth solving all

About 71% overall and I 've done 43% of all question.

My lowest scores are in asset allocation and CME with 65-68%.

Some questions are weird and difficult.

I’ve done 45% of all questions (1,025) and average is 86%. I also cleared the history of QBank about a month as I ran through almost 100% in all topics except PM & WP. To be honest/ not to make you nervous… I don’t think QBank is going to help as much for Level III as other Levels (I and II). The Qbanks for Level III are way too easy and the lack of essay questions can hold you back.

Agreed. I just do one 60 question Qbank Exam a day to keep all the topics fresh. Majority of my time is EOCs and Mocks.