Schweser Q

Don’t hate, I did use the search function. Is the Schweser package acceptable for Level 2? I’m a Level 1 retaker and I’m feeling very good this time around for the Dec. exam. For those of you taking/retaking Level 2, how beneficial is Schweser? While I’m using it exclusively for Level 1, I’m told that Level 1 is a mile wide and an inch deep while Level 2 is a mile wide and mile deep. So the CFAI text would be a better means to passing. One concern I have is time. I will be working as a tax associate this spring and will be working 70 hour weeks around March. After April 15th I’ll be jobless once again and focusing exclusively on Level 2 and job searching (assuming I pass in a week which I’m certain I will). I’m just wonder the disparity between reading the curriculum vs. reading Schweser for Level 2.

first thing first, consider the task at hand and get your game-face on for L1. good luck. as for L2 and the schwes’, you could do it solo with it. a lot of people do. if you do that, i’d hammer q-bank and also make sure you take a decent amount of CFAI mocks/samples to get a feel for their questions. I failed L2 this past year (band 10 and almost all schweser except for ethics/AI) and the biggest change so far year over year in my study habits is doing the end of chapter CFAI q’s. i think they are unbelievably helpful and if you have the time, i’d strongly suggest doing as many as you can- at least the item sets that are very similar in style/feel to the real thing. if you’re going to be jammed for tax time, i’d suggest if you can get your hands on L2 books either schweser or the CFAI curriculum right after your L1 test, make the most out of those 6 weeks before your results. even if you have '08 books that you get on the cheap from somewhere or a buddy, the stuff didn’t change that much in most areas (quant, FI, derivs i think almost identical). so good luck on your L1 retake- focus only on that until that’s over is probably the best advice at this point.