Schweser Qbank - Advanced Level - discount factor


Many people argue that Qbank is useless for Level 2 but on the other hand many of you recommend practice only advanced questions.

My results using only adv level is 61% … Do you have idea how I can discount this results in terms of the real exam ?

In other word which X should I use to discount my results.

61% / 1+x

For those who completed EOC from text book repeatedly (atleast 2 times), X = 0.

For those who skip EOC and rely on QBank (advanced questions) as primary, X = 9.

:slight_smile: Just my 2 cents.

This is a tough one. I’ve read through the CFAI texts and completed the EOC questions. I’m now going through Qbank to refresh almost everything I no longer remember. Once I start getting high scores on Qbank, I’ll switch over to the real mocks and such to drive it home. But I will not rely on Qbank.

From Level 1, I realized that my results percentage conversion formula from Qbank to CFAI Mocks is:

CFAI Mock Percentage Result = Qbank Percentage Result - 20%