Schweser Qbank bug???

for those of you who’ve use, or are using the schweser qbank, when you click on test management -> create new exam it displays all the past results for you. however, when I tried it today, everything is wiped out, any ideas why? I emailed schweser, but haven’t heard back from them yet…

Just tried it and mine’s working fine liaaba.

crap, I called them they said they’re aware of the problem, and is working on the fix right now… I guess it doesn’t affect everyone, and I’m just one of the poor guys that gets affected…

same thing happened to me. I think i was like 20% deep into it. You can still see your LOS and Reading quizes and %s in “Exam Review”

I called them a couple times, this is what I got… They changed the test management results table to “only show results from tests created from the test management link” Then I asked them, but I only want to create tests from questions I did not cover in the LOS/Reading/Session exams, can I do that? they said yes. but then I told them for Session 11 (Corp Fin), if you finish all the LOS/Reading/Session exams, you would’ve completed all of the questions (100% viewed and used), which I did, and in that case if I try to create an exam on that session from test management, what would happen, they said it would not create one and would return an error message, but it did not and I was able to create a test without any issues… Bottom line is, for those of you who’re using the Schweser qbank, if you want it reverted or fixed back to what it was before, then you’ll have to email/call them to talk about this, unless they hear it from the mass, they’ll not act on it… I find that feature extremely useful cos it helps me to stay on track and get a sense of my progress, if anyone else would like to see that feature again, we should talk to them.

FINALLY, schweser decided their change didn’t work and rolled back to the previous version… after 3 days of strenuous battle with them, justice finally prevails