Schweser QBank: Can TIMED exams be created?

All, I’ve used the ‘search’ function but to no avail… Q: Can one create timed exams (ie. Two 3 hr exam sessions) within the Schweser QBank that’ll accurately reflect the topical weightings/difficulty set to appear in JUN-08? Many thanks…


Mcpass, Cheers mate. I’ll be ordering that sucker in November then!

So is this Schweser Qbank something like Stalla’s Passmaster? I used passmaster for level 1 and was very pleased with its nifty functions, including creating review 3 hour exams, but I am always looking out for more computerized questions. How does these 2 products compare? Does Qbank give you statistics on your weak areas or allow one to skip directly to questions one answered incorrectly the first try?

kongxinga: I used Schweser Q-bank for Level I and am planning on using it for Level II as well. Never seen Passmaster, but from your description, it does not seem there is much difference between the two! However, I am pretty mad that Schweser increased the price to $349 (Level I Qbank was only like $250). However, I will still go with Schweser since I am familiar with the question patterns, formats etc. All in all, I don’t think it makes a big difference which one you use, so I would recommend you to go with what you are comfortable with and have no complain about (in your case Passmaster). -ron-