Schweser QBank ethics is TERRIBLE

Will stick to CFAI books (Havent done ethics there)

It’s no different than the CFAI ethics questions - I think CFAI was easier. Nonetheless, I did all 400+ ethics questions in the Qbank and all CFAI ethics questions.

well it takes me 5 mins just to read from some passages… that is redicilous

Ya, I did the Qbank last year for L2 and found I was rushing through the review questions with Schweser notes and the books, so passed this year. LOL, if they are anything like last year with the LOOOONG passages as you’ve indicated and the hard @$$ questions then I did the right thing.

the problem with both the qbank and cfai ethics questions for level 1 and 2 have been that they focus too much on the larger topics and the cfa exam tends to have at least 3 or 4 obscure questions. those obscure questions generally are the difference between failing and passing ethics. the only way to pass ethics IMO is to focus on the stuff at the end of the study sessions and not the main topics (because the main topic questions are generally the easy ones).