schweser Qbank LII

Heard it doesn’t allow us to form sets rather its the same format as L I i.e. individual questions. Is it true? Thanks

I took a quick look through the format for q-bank as I was curiuos about this as well. From what I gathered, the basic questions and possibly intermediate questions will be in a format similar to level 1. Advanced questions were in the vignette style with 6 questions per reading. I did only create a few tests so who knows if this will hold true for all 3-4k questions contained within qbank.

I have looked at a couple of questions from the LOSs and they are just one offs. No vignettes yet, but I haven’t gotten to any advanced questions.

thanks. Do you guys think its worth the money. Confused a bit. Looking at what the CFAI text books hold and what schweser contains.

Advanced are more similer to the exam format.

the Q bank is mostly set up as one offs. The advanced setting will get you the vignettes like the exam, but not as long. I feel this product is useful in testing your knowledge of the material and also helps keep you “current” as you move along to new material.

Is anybody here able to keep up with the time limit for each vignette. I have to go back and forth again and again to read the whole thing again. Is there any better way. It does seem that the questions pertain to individual paragraphs. Would the exam be like this also.