schweser qbank much easier than CFAI Mock Exams

OK, just got a 60% on one of the 100$ mock exams from cfai website. pretty upset. a few weeks ago i took the sample exams and got 63% what bothers me most is that i was scoring 85% on FSA only exams using Schweser Qbank. yet, i miserably failed that section in the cfai mock exam (i think it was like 33-40%!) little concerned that schweser is not asking the conceptual questions that cfai asks…and also saw material that was no where in schweser.

and yes… i only did the medium hard and hard questions in the schweser exam

I find that Schweser Qbank severely underrepresents SS9 - there are only 68 questions -IN TOTAL-, out of all 3900 QBank questions, that focus Inventories, Capitalization, Depreciation & Impairment, Income taxes, Financing liabilities, and Leases & OBS. That’s only around 10 questions each for those absolutely essential and most difficult readings. That is ridiculous. You need way more questions than that… I try to post a lot of different questions from SS9 here because Schweser is weak in that area.

I am doing CFAI problems in the book and my only connection with KAPLAN is the flash cards, which I love. will take em now to chipotle as I crush burritos like a pig.

Skip, remember, how were your first Qbank exams? Mine kept getting better as I did more and got used to the wording. I got a 46 on the first sample, 60 on the 2nd. That is why I am emphasizing do the mock exams to get used to the way CFAi words its questions.

amber…have you taken a shot at the mock exams (1 for 60 2 for 100?) i got a 63 on the sample exams so i am scoring pretty close to what you are getting. when you take the mock exam let me know how you think those questions were compared to schwesers q bank

Um, 46% on the first mock, I take the 2nd one Monday. See my doomed thread, lol. I think they were similar to the sample 60 q test. But I think sample test #2 was easier than #1, didn’t do #3.

at this point I’ll do only Book6, CFAi mocks, and if time allows Book7. These questions are better than Qbank questions.

skip and amber, Does the mock provides you with answer or explanation of your answers? that you can save/print for review? S


You can print the explanations to the questions, but they don’t tell you what you got wrong, just an explanation of the answer. It is a pretty good study tool.

Thunder - I am doing the same as you…finding the Qbank questions not as good as book 6 & 7 and the CFAI questions…Although I loved the Qbank when learning the material, and it is good to review a SS that you are having trouble with(i.e doing a short 60q quiz in Econ for instance), but I have only used it twice in the last 3 weeks for this reason…

saurya_s Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > skip and amber, > Does the mock provides you with answer or > explanation of your answers? that you can > save/print for review? > S yeah not really. like amber said, it just provides you with the explanation of the questions. i recommend taking it though, the way they word the questions and the difficulty of them was nothing like i had really seen before and i have been taking a lot of quizzes.