Schweser QBank opinions

I used the Schweser QBank a lot last year and failed L3… I have relied a lot more on CFA text this year, and I feel a lot better prepared… I have been doing some QBank questions in this final week as a compliment to my review efforts and now I realize how AWFUL these questions are for the most part… Oh well, I give Schweser credit because their notes are good, but they really need to revamp the L3 QBank… any one else have opinions?

EOC and mock are better

Hehe, you mean getting 100% on 60 questions is not indicative of the test?

HAHA, I mean its not even that they are just easy, they are poorly written or ill-conceived…

haha I’m still doing them so I guess I should shut up, but just look at this question!? Within the alternative asset class of real estate, analysts can classify investments as: A) either start-up or middle market but not as direct or indirect. B) either direct or indirect and as either start-up or middle market. C) either direct or indirect but not as either start-up or middle market. Your answer: C was correct! Real estate investments are generally categorized as direct (i.e., the purchase of land and buildings) or indirect that includes REITs and CREFs. The sub-categories of start-up and middle market apply to private equity and not real estate.

I found at least 3 errors in the schweser tests 1 use market value not fair value in GIPS 2 breakeven use currency change 3 say callable bond traded in premium

I used Q-Bank for level 1 intensely, and thought it was terrific. I used it a bit for level 2, but it wasn’t really that useful I found. I didn’t even get Q-bank for level 3

paraguay, there is a check where you can enable intermediate and hard questions also, instead of only using “basic” :wink:

malawyer100 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > paraguay, there is a check where you can enable > intermediate and hard questions also, instead of > only using “basic” :wink: Yeah, those are easy as well though. I also find enabling those brings up the vignettes and a lot of the time I just want to drill them like flash cards for vocab rather than reading a whole bunch of wishy washy on my screen.

nevermind, just being jealous, my range is 80-85% with all options but I agree, especially for GIPS good like flashcards