Schweser Qbank Program Update

Just in case anyone did not get the email. A patch is now available for SchweserPro users who may have encountered issues with formulas displaying incorrectly. To resolve this issue please follow the steps outlined below. Prior to running this patch, please ensure that SchweserPro is not running. Is your version of SchweserPro™ affected? * This patch will only install on versions of SchweserPro that require patching. * During the installation of the patch, if you receive the message ‘This patch does not need to be installed on your version of SchweserPro’, you do not need to install the patch. * Prior to downloading the patch, you can check to see if your version of SchweserPro requires this patch. (please refer to the sample print screen below) If your version of SchweserPro DOES NOT have an ‘s’ after the version number, you NEED the patch. Step 1 * Go to and click ‘Save’. Step 2 * Save the file to your desktop. Step 3 * Double click on the SchweserPro_Level2_Patch.exe file on your desktop, then click ‘Run’. Step 4 * Agree to terms and conditions and follow all steps to install. After running this patch, you will be able to run SchweserPro normally. You will also need to update SchweserPro again to ensure you have the most recent questions.