Schweser QBank Questions Quality

hey guys, while reviewing some of the questions that i got wrong, especially in the ethics section in Qbank, it really seems like their questions are very subjective, more so than the usual amount of subjectivity thats present in the ethics section anyways. does anyone else agree? or am i just in denial or something lol…it really seems like the quality of a lot of their questions, but especially ethics questions is just poor and that i shouldn’t read too much into it.

just wanted your opinions on this.

Also, as a review strategy, i’ve read half of the schweser secretsauce and did a test on qbank on the topics i read, tomorrow i will hopefully finish the rest of it and take another qbank test on those topics. i took a schweser mock and scored 61% on it, so i definitely need more practice, but i dont know which would be the best place to practice from…take more mocks? but there are only 6 or so of them available…should i do more questions from the q bank? or should i do EOC’s again? i’ve already done them once and look where its got me, to a 61% :frowning:

sorry if it seems like i’m rambling, but i’d really appreciate some other candidate’s thoughts and suggestions on this.

bump, does nobody have any opinions on this? im kinda freaking out over here

bump, does nobody have any opinions on this? im kinda freaking out over here

Redo all EOCs for Equity, FSA, and your weak areas. I think Mocks are more useful than PQ if you are on time constrain.

yea, i think that’ll probably be best. by tomorrow i should be done with the rest of the secretsauce, and ill start EOCs for fsa, equity, econ and ethics (although i didn’t think ethics EOC’s were great), other than the time constraint that there are less than 30 days for the exam, i’ve got all the time in the world.

also, i haven’t seen this being discussed, but whats the consensus on how much you should aim for in the mock tests? in level 1 it was 70-75 and you stand a good chance of passing…what about level 2?