Schweser Qbank Tests Grade : When u are certain u are going well?

Hello . Finished ethics, quant and economics and i have been doing many tests with Qbank taking grades around 80% and sometimes higher. Anyone who passed L1 can give guidance on whether i should be happy with that or one must hit 100% since next revision will be like 2-3 weeks before June . I accept that 100 is better than 80 but what grades i am looking for to see that i am on a good track ?

i got greater than 70 on all sections in level I i was getting 85% cumulative avg on qbank (2000 questions), but you gota keep in mind that i did some questions while i was not done studying… so had i done it all at the end, i may have gotten 90… i did 6 schweser mocks, got 80-86 on all of them… i found them to be very usefull, qbank not so much… elan mock was great, the damn thing was so similar to the real exam, i felt like i seen the exam !! elan also give me a ranking of 92 percentile amoung test takers that was usefull… but they only gave that ranking for the free mock, when i paid, i did not get such ranking !!! wtf !!! schweser mocks gave me a grade, i found a percentile more usefull… always glad to answer questions… many great level 2’s were there for me, i pay back to society

>>> schweser mocks gave me a grade, i found a percentile more usefull So what was the percentile?

you are on the right track. keep it up and make sure you do not depend solely on qbank questions tho. after you mastered qbank, spend rest of the time do EOC questions, they will reveal the true color