Schweser Qbank vs. Stalla Passmaster

Hey Folks, Does anyone have an opinion on which software has a larger, more useful and relevant question set for Level 2? Quantity is less important to me than relevance and usefulness as I don’t think I can go through many questions as I am a bit behind. Thanks for any insight!

can’t talk about stalla, q-bank has about 3500-4000Q’s and most are a waste. also, they only limited info from the chapter

This is my first time taking L2, so I have no idea how the questions on exam day will look…, but I do believe the more questions you attempt (after reading the material…, be it CFAI text, Schweser or Stalla), the better you are prepared for the exam. Repetition is key…, because that’s the way most people learn. The more you practice anything in life, the better you get. Read > Review > Practice > Review > Practice > Review > Practice…etc.

I am using Passmaster and truly love the software. There are as many questions as the Qbank, but I like the Stalla method. It is long and thorough, but it’s good. I am sure either one is good at helping you practice and do a lot of questions.

Thank you very much guys. I appreciate your opinion. I think I will run with the cheapest solution. Given that I can get Qbank for $199 and Stalla for $350, I think I will go with Qbank. Thanks again.

I think you can’t print out the stalla questions. I like to do that on the Q-bank.

bump. i used stalla last year and can verify that the software is much more in-depth than schweser’s. i also like schweser’s simplicity, but the q’s are garbage. stalla again for me this year…

I used Becker Passmaster for the CPA exam and used Stalla Passmaster for Level 1. I’m not familiar with the Schweser Q-bank but I can say I’ve always had a great experience with Passmaster. What I like about it is the way it tracks your progress, and lets you know your weak areas as you go. It keeps track of the % of questions you got right the first attempt, by section. The helpful part of this is, if you had a section where you got 80+% right the first time, you probably don’t need to keep studying that, as opposed to areas where you got 50% right the first time, you need to revisit. It also does a really good job of breaking the sections down into segments, which helps with a methodical process of going through it. Lecture --> Practice Questions --> Review --> Practice questions, etc.

Does anyone have a link to “Qbank for $199”? The cheapest I was able to see on their website was for $775!

It seems you guys have lot of money to waste. I would rather use $775 to pay my mortgage. I am going CFAI all the way. The downside is I will have to make my own notes for revision.