Schweser Qbank vs Wiley Qbank

I am planning to buy one of those qbanks but I have no clue which one is better and more compatible with the Level 2 exam . It seems wiley wins in terms of pricing but what about quality? Any idea?

honestly, neither

I used the Schwezer Q bank in my initial review. By initial i mean doing the problems as concept checkers after a reading and drilling problems in certain areas i found were my weaknesses. Kaplan has a nice feature where you can drill down to do questions from certain topics. Overall I did about half of the questions from the Q-bank.

You should focus on doing all of the CFAI questions from each section. The wording and framing of questions from CFAI is very different from any of the prep material that you will see .

I am going to do the CFAI questions. But from my point of view the more questions u do the better. Qbanks really useless?