Schweser Qbank

Hello everyone;

I am trying to get Schweser Qbank but the price is $300 on Schweser website,I couldn’t find any used or new on Amazon.I was strongly suggested to get it but I don’t want to spend $300 only for one book.

Is there anyone know a way to get it cheaper or willing to sell his/her used one?


Schweser Qbank is not a book, it is an online based bank of questions. In previous years there was a software version, but not anymore.

Oh that’s why I couldn’t find it on Amazon.I have to pay $300,this is the only way I guess. frown

Can you provide the link where I can buy too?

Go to, select the Level, the date of exam and select the desired study materials. You can buy a package or single products like books only, mocks only or the Qbank itself. Obviously paying for a package is much more efficient because you get a lot of material for almost the same price. Just look carefully what fits right for you.

perfect, thanks.