schweser Qbank

Can I buy only the Qbank on the site? (once it is available for 09)

Which version do you plan to buy? Cd - online - download? I will buy it for Dec’ 08 but do not know which one to choose…

Pauluss, your question would form part 2…The initial question is whether there is an option to buy only the Qbank (whatever version)?

FMO yes you can only buy Qbank (that what I plan to do…) Even if I didn’t answer exactly to your question, I enjoy your topic to ask one…:wink:

Yes, there is a way to buy only Q-Bank through Schweser. It does come out cheaper to buy packages though, because only Q-Bank ends up being quite a lot. I have download version 08 for sale, if you send me email address.

why don’t you post your email address…