Schweser QBank

Anyone know how these questions rank relative to the exam? I just took an “advanced” set of 120 questions CFA weighting and got around a 90%. It didn’t seem that hard…not near as hard as the “practice exams”

Just gonna throw this one back out there :slight_smile:

QBank is easier than the test, but also some of them take awhile to calc.

I’m not sure, actually. I was planning on using the QBank (only advanced and intermediate questions) to improve on areas the CFAI practice test showed weaknesses in. But maybe that’s not sufficient. I guess I’ll find out.

For perspective, I was getting 80%+ on advanced Qs from the Qbank a month ago. At that time, I also did the 1st exam in book 6. Got 68% on both sessions. I’ve studied quite a bit since, and these days I’m getting 80%+ on all CFAI practice exams. Bottom line: the advanced questions from the Qbank, are not all that advanced.